One of the more recent and interesting features available to businesses with Facebook pages (and places) is the ability to offer their customers the ability to check in on Facebook, and use that same check-in to grant them complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Facebook Wi-Fi with Cisco Meraki

This functionality relies on Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi access points that are able to proxy this access.

Consider a small chain of coffee shops for instance, that would like to increase their online Facebook presence, and also offer Wi-Fi to their esteemed customers. With an enterprise-grade Cisco Meraki solution, we can make this happen for you, all while increasing your business’ online presence at the same time!

At Ook Enterprises, we are tenured Cisco Meraki Elevate Partners, and we can assist you and your business in deploying Cisco Meraki at all your retail outlets.

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For more information on the Facebook Wi-Fi program, click here.