• You are backing up your critical business data every day?
  • You have offsite copies of all your data and/or backups?
  • You are regularly checking that your backups actually work?
  • You have a secure network firewall to prevent intrusions?
  • Your wireless guest networks are secure and isolated from your main network?
  • Your servers have redundant hard drives?
  • You have power backup to prevent against power failure?
  • You are aware of and track all software being used on your business systems?
  • You have policies that govern how staff use company resources?

If you answered “no” to any of the above, the chances that your business will function or even survive major data loss, are extremely low. Please give us a call today, to schedule a Business Technology Assessment so we can get your IT roadmap back on track.

Companies with 5 or more Macs get a FREE 2-hour service call.