Co-Managed IT

If your organization has an internal IT function, Ook can provide additional expertise and support to augment the impact of your existing team.

With a wide breadth of experience in hands-on, real-world scenarios, we are optimally suited to help businesses make IT decisions that comply with security requirements, governance, and follow industry best practices.

What can we help with?
  • Management of specific aspects of your infrastructure as required
  • On-demand expertise to help validate needs or technical architecture initiatives
  • Access to a collaborative support ticket system for consolidated tracking of issues and support requests
  • Remote Monitoring and Management of your critical infrastructure (servers, hypervisors, UPSes, firewalls, switching, wireless)
  • Project scoping, planning, management, and execution at the highest standards
  • Thorough documentation of your environment (we give you access!)
  • Most importantly, collaboration with your internal team to assist in delivering successful projects and services to augment their impact within your organization
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