Enterprise Backup

Ook focusses exclusively on enterprise-grade backup solutions – no monkeying around with other stuff. We take our customers’ data protection very seriously, and have undergone deep training in solutions that will serve our customers best.

Enterprise-grade Endpoint Backup with CrashPlan
Endpoints are users’ devices, like workstations and laptops. As business computing becomes increasingly mobile, protecting mobile devices is very important. Ook Enterprises offers on-premises and/or fully-hosted CrashPlan backup options when customers require the ultimate flexibility, continuous protection, and security. With CrashPlan Enterprise Endpoint Backup, our customers’ devices are protected at all times (Internet connection required).

Server Backup with Datto
For the many Windows servers we manage, we leverage the long-standing power and protection of Datto and the Datto Cloud. This allows us to protect our customers’ servers with local on-premises backups, in addition to multiple options for off-site replication and virtualization, all kept in Canadian data centers if required.

If your organization is looking to deploy a managed backup solution, we can make it very easy for you to achieve ultimate peace of mind.