We have partnered with Cisco Meraki to deploy scalable, reliable, affordable and easy-to-manage enterprise-class wireless networks.

Meraki Wireless architecture eliminates the need for several pieces of costly infrastructure, so your upfront investment is reduced.

Advantages of Meraki wireless networks:

  • Top-of-the-line, High-Performance, Intelligent, 802.11n APs
  • Easy, Centralized Management over the Web
  • Easy to Deploy and Manage
  • Integrated Features and Services
  • Ongoing, Automatic Updates, Diagnostics and Healing

Why should you engage Ook Enterprises for your Cisco Meraki wireless deployment?

  • We’ve been Cisco Meraki partners for several years (and currently an Elevate Partner), and have deployed hundreds of units
  • We have deep knowledge of the Cisco Meraki product offering, and a great relationship with Cisco Meraki
  • We have heavy experience deploying Meraki in heterogeneous environments, including Cisco backbones
  • Luis has spoken internationally on wireless and can put real-world perspective to work for your wireless deployment

Monitoring and administration of your Cisco Meraki wireless network will be under the control and at the discretion of your organization. Optionally, Ook Enterprises can also have administrative access, to assist in managing and monitoring. In this way, should your organization’s wireless network need attention, we can attend to it remotely and help you get up and running again deftly.

Cisco Meraki and Ook Enterprises can also help your organization setup a large, scalable, and resilient network quickly. There is no need for long training sessions or learning complex architecture. Your enterprise-class wireless network can be deployed in hours — not days or weeks.

Interested in learning more? Attend a Meraki Webinar!

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