It’s becoming commonplace to hear about a new major security breach on pretty much a daily basis. One surprising statistic is that 82% of small businesses think they’re safe from hackers. We know differently however, as the reason many of these breaches occur is due to a lack of security awareness. Ook has partnered with market-leading KnowBe4 to offer a comprehensive Security Awareness Training program specifically geared towards small businesses. Introducing:

OokAware Security Awareness Program

Why use Ook for your Security Awareness Training?
  • We work with small and medium businesses every day, and have intimate knowledge of the security challenges they face
  • We are KnowBe4 partners and can assist you in planning and deploying a complete security awareness program for your company
  • We can assist you with the necessary email configuration changes required to ensure the success of your test phishing campaigns
  • We’re a local vendor that you can connect with personally to ensure the platform is delivering the value and security awareness you expect
How Much Does it Cost?
  • CAD $35 per staff member per year, plus applicable taxes

*Canadian Customers pay respective GST/HST, BC customers pay GST and PST.