My fascination with monkeys has a long history. As a little boy, I had a “Curious George” stuffed toy that was my inseparable friend. Fast-forward to 2006, when looking to start my consulting firm, I came across a logo of a monkey at a computer, and I thought it was just perfect. At that point “Monkey Consulting Mac Services” was born.

I later incorporated, and tweaked the name to “Monkey Mac Consulting Inc.”, as I had found that “Monkey Mac” had a better ring to it, and was being used by my clients much more. Just past the 5-year mark with Monkey Mac, I had the honour of being awarded the Consumer Choice Award for “Best Computer Consultant”. On the heels of this award I was given the opportunity to join the amazing team at Fully Managed (and merge Monkey Mac), which I was very excited to do.

I had a great time at Fully Managed, learned a ton, and most importantly, made some great friendships and business relationships – but I got the itch…the monkey itch I suppose we could call it, and felt compelled to go back out on my own to continue in my path of SMB (Small and Medium Business) consulting. Working from home now, to spend more time with my little one, he now has his own Curious George monkey, and I am sure that monkeys, their sounds and mannerisms, will continue to be a part of my expressive self…

Thanks for reading!

Luis Giraldo, Founder and CEO