Monthly or Contract Customers:

  • $135/staff/month, $2700 minimum
  • Hourly rate: $135/hr

Non-Contract Customers

  • Daily Rate: $1400 plus one-way travel at $175/hr
  • On-site Hourly: $175/hr plus one-way travel (2-hour minimum plus one-way travel paid upfront)
  • Remote Hourly: $175/hr (1-hour minimum charge plus 15-min increments thereafter, 2-hour minimum deposit paid upfront)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do your rates include taxes? No, our posted rates above do not include applicable taxes. Depending on the kind of work being performed, some on-site work requires PST in addition to GST. Remote work only requires GST.
  • Can’t you just help me with my small problem, it’ll only take a few minutes? Absolutely, but bear in mind our assistance will be subject to our minimum rates as posted above.
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