Managed Services

We specialize in providing Apple, Windows, and mixed-platform (Apple+Windows) IT Managed Services to small and medium businesses. Managed Services is the term used to describe a contract- or agreement-based relationship between a business and their IT provider. We like to think of it more as a strategic alliance which allows us to partner towards the success of both of our businesses.

Supporting users, providing strategic planning, and delivering major IT projects do make part of the whole, but these are simply elements and initiatives that enable the bigger-picture success insofar as IT is concerned. Ook Enterprises offers flat-rate IT Managed Services, but our pricing is uniquely tailored for each business and its specific requirements.


Some of the benefits of Managed Services:
  • Allows the business to focus on their core business
  • Trained, experienced, qualified, and certified IT pros
  • Ability to quickly implement new technology
  • Less downtime, less risk
  • Increased functionality and stability (operational efficiency)
  • Proactive IT planning and documentation of knowledge
  • Deep and intimate understanding of your infrastructure
  • Control IT costs
  • Better compliance and security


Why hire Ook Enterprises Ltd.?
  • We’ve been providing Managed Services for many years
  • Our service is based on trust and a close working relationship
  • We help our clients leverage the magic of technology
  • Fast, responsive support that supports your business operations

We’d love to hear from you if your business is ready for Managed Services.

Managed Services

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