Managed Wireless

Many businesses are realizing the benefits of OpEx versus CapEx, and leveraging the low start-up cost of managed solutions in order to drive growth very efficiently.

At Ook we’ve built an enterprise-grade wireless management system, leveraging Ruckus Wireless’ SmartZone platform. We currently offer:

  • Sales, configuration, and installation of Ruckus Wireless access points, controllers, and all necessary infrastructure (fibre, copper, routing, switching, PoE)
  • Licensing and management for any number of customer-provided Ruckus WAPs (Wireless Access Points) – our system scales easily to tens of thousands of APs
  • WAPs including licensing and management, where Ook Enterprises owns all equipment but includes it as part of the managed wireless service.
  • We can also migrate licenses from your self-hosted controller infrastructure into our virtual hosting, in order to reduce your ongoing management costs.

If your business needs enterprise-grade wireless, without the high cost of the initial purchase, our managed wireless offering could be the right fit for you.


Please contact us for additional information and pricing!