With the end of the year just around the corner, one thing I continue to hope for every year, is that organizations properly budget for their IT operations.

Whether small or large, organizations of all sizes are becoming increasingly dependent on computer hardware and software, and it behooves us to start adequately budgeting for security, scalability, backup, and all other areas that fall under the IT umbrella.

Proper IT budgeting can:

  • Allow your business to adequatly react in case of an unexpected hardware failure
  • Allow you to quickly scale your growth if you close that big deal
  • Help track IT equipment lifecycles in order to reduce the number of surprises
  • Provide a testing ground for new applications and technologies that the orgranization might be interested in deploying

Ultimately, like the old adage goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Many organizations find themselves rapidly losing productivity and nimbleness in the market when their users are forced to use 5- and 6-year old computers.

If you are a 15-user (or more) organization, have never heard of an IT budget, and you are leveraging mostly Apple technology, I’d love to speak with you!