In an open letter today, Meraki CEO Sanjit Biswas announced Cisco’s intent to buy Meraki.

As a Meraki Elevate Partner, as well as a Cisco reseller and partner, Ook Enterprises is excited with the potential opportunities this acquisition could mean for both platforms. Biswas stated that Cisco intends to protect Meraki’s interests, by outlining a few key concepts of the acquisition offer:

  • Cisco appreciates the way in which we develop innovative products: by focusing on our customers and quickly trying new ideas in both software and hardware. They’d like to see us continue to release new features and products in the years ahead, and hopefully “cloudify” other Cisco products.
  • Beyond technology, they recognized our business model as being highly integrated and customer experience focused. This integration spans across teams, so they’d like all the departments to keep doing what they are doing while figuring out how to leverage Cisco’s distribution channels.
  • Finally, Cisco recognized we built a culture and environment in San Francisco that has helped us recruit and retain phenomenal talent across departments. As a result, they’d like us to be a new “Cloud Networking Group”, based out of SF, fun office, free food and all.

So, with networking giant Cisco now involved, I am more than confident in the success of Meraki’s business plan, cloud networking platform, and future success. Congratulations to Meraki and Cisco!