I got this great email today, with a picture from yesteryear…Back in my days in Colombia, one of my favourite hangouts was “San Sebastián”, a small bar/restaurant in an area called “Usaquén” with the tiniest stage ever, that featured owner/singer Roberto Caicedo. Roberto would start the night with some of his favourite songs in Spanish or from the Beatles catalogue, and then invite other local musicians to take the stage and the guitar to sing some songs on their own.

This was a great way to test my songs with real audiences, and just get some performance time in. During this time, I wrote the song “Casualidad“, which went on to become a highly requested song at San Sebastian, and was eventually recorded by Rock band Poligamia (led by singer Andres Cepeda) during the time that I was a keyboardist with the band.


In the picture is Margarita Rosa de Francisco on the far left. Also in the picture is famed composer Josefina Severino, who wrote the music to soap “Cafe, con Aroma de Mujer“, one of Colombia’s most famous soap opera exports. It was during the time of this picture that this soap was in production, and Margarita was also the singer for the title song.


Since, San Sebastián has moved to the “Parque de la 93” area and continues to be a thriving business (with a much larger stage and band).


Congrats to Roberto for all these years!


Article translation: “San Sebastián, the bar at Parque de la 93, is turning 16 years old. For the party, they opened the treasure chest of memories and its creator Roberto Caicedo, Andres Cepeda’s uncle, found jewels like this one, where you see a very young Margarita Rosa de Francisco, enjoying herself fully.”


Posted via email from Luis Giraldo